Sentricon Advanced Termite Control
Fully Installed for only $1,295

No more to pay and no hidden costs!
We even have "60 Day Interest Free Terms"
Just Make 3 Monthly Payments of $430.00 (approx)

So don't run the risk of letting termites get into your home, it could cost you $1,000's in repairs! 

For the cost of a local call you can have peace of mind with a Free Inspection of your home to see if it is suitable for the Advanced Termite Control System!

The Sentricon II Advanced Termite Control System is the only termite control system that is "Proven" to eliminate Termite Colonies!

Better yet the Sentricon* II Advanced Termite Control System uses No Poisonous Chemicals, requires no costly re-treatments every 2 or 3 years and gives complete peace of mind. You can ever have Monthly Monitoring Inspections if you prefer!

So don't wait until it's too late, protect your home now and save over $600.00 !
By ordering your installation of the Advanced Termite Control System from our website you'll pay only $1295.00 instead of $1,897.80, a saving of over $600.00!

So call us now on
07 3387 0106

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